My Specialties

My Specialties

Perinatal Mental Health

I have a particular passion for working with women who are trying to conceive, are presently pregnant and those who are new to motherhood. This time in one’s life, the perinatal period, can be both beautiful and emotionally painful simultaneously. Impacts on identity, career and relationship often require exploration and adjustment when a family begins to grow. Many of us experience low mood and/or significant worry during this time of transition and can experience notable improvement with therapy and other forms of treatment.  I provide supportive psychotherapy for those in the perinatal period and help to identify means of increased community, reduced physical and emotional labor, connection with children and partners, and a safe place to discuss both the joy and darkness that we experience during this time.  I also provide psychoeducation and problem solving around the challenges of parent/infant sleep, feeding, and increased familial workload.

My office is a safe and welcoming place for you and your babies.  I encourage mothers to save their energy when it comes to finding child care and to bring their babies with them to our sessions (even if baby may fuss or cry).  Everything in my office is clean, relatively soft and easily wiped down so we can readily handle all that comes with baby bodies.  Parents are welcome to nurse, bottle feed, change diapers, eat and sip coffee from the café downstairs.  However, if you want a break from parenting while in my office, please take it!  Whatever makes you feel the most at ease is our goal.

Early Career Professionals

I also enjoy working with early career professionals and individuals in college or graduate programs. These can be times of significant challenge and questioning, both individually and professionally.  Finding balance in academics, early career expectations and personal identity can be an arduous process.  Relationships may become unstable when one or both partners are in school or building a career; in individual psychotherapy one can work to create balance in the relationship while continuing to pursue goals.  A reassessment of values can strengthen a relationship or highlight the need to end it.  Therapy can be helpful in ending a relationship in respectful manner.


Most of us will come to a point (often several) in our adult lives in which we would like the support and skill afforded in psychotherapy.  Changes in career, the birth of a child, continued difficulty or failure in romantic relationship, and recurrent depression or anxiety are all common ways in which individuals can feel derailed.  Psychotherapy serves to highlight continued patterns and provides a practice ground for new options in relating to ourselves and others.  This can result in improved relationships, a heightened sense of competence, stronger boundaries and an overall increased sense of wellness and control over one’s life.

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